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Pet Portraits

Our pets are very special members of our family. They can be cute and cuddly bunnies, fluffy balls of evil cat, silly floppy doggos, wiggly scaly snakes... The list goes on!

I'm sure you'll have plenty of snaps of them on your phone, but have you considered getting their portraits done professionally like you would with your human family?

It'll give you an hour or two of fun with your furbaby, along with a few special images to frame.

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I charge £50 for an hour's shoot, and you'll receive about 5 fully edited images. I take more time to do more in-depth editing on them. These are delivered on a password protected online gallery for you to download, print, and share. For dog portraits out on a walk I recommend booking a two-hour slot so we have plenty of time. You are more than welcome to be in the photos too if you wish!

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  • Please bring treats, harnesses, leads, poo bags, and water for dog walks. Ideally, your pooch will be trained to stay, sit, come, and maybe lie down. I know some dogs are more rebellious so I will do my best but I can't guarantee the same results!

  • For non-trained animals, again I can't say that I will get a tonne of great shots. It all depends how they feel on the day. Some cats and rabbits are food-motivated so treats may help.

  • For garden shoots with rabbits, guinea pigs etc it may be easiest to have them munching on vegetables so they sit still and are relaxed.

  • In general, I prefer taking photos outside as there is better light and more space. If we do stay indoors, please try to have a clear space available with window light.

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Terms & Conditions

The boring bit, but please read!

01. The acceptance of the booking is based on agreement by the Client of the terms & conditions stated herein.

02. PAYMENT: Payment must be made before the session, including on the day of the shoot. No photos will be taken if payment has not been received.

03. CANCELLATION: There will be no charge for a cancellation.

04. TRAVEL: locations within 20 miles of Nottingham is included in the price. Any session located over 20 miles from Nottingham will incur a surcharge.

05. DELIVERY: All photos will be available via digital download through Pixieset.

06. COPYRIGHT: All images are owned by Kabbij Patch Photography. All images published via online media by the Client must have the Photographer's name and a link to their website included. The website can either be the Kabbij Patch Photography main website, or the Facebook page.

07. MODEL RELEASE: All images are owned by Kabbij Patch Photography. The Client gives permission for the Photographer to publish all and any images for general marketing and advertising purposes, including but not exclusive to social media, exhibitions, editorials, and websites.

08. STORAGE: The Client will confirm that they have downloaded the images, after which the Photographer will no longer be responsible for the storage of the images. 

09. MISC.: The Client understands that every effort will be made to capture all images wanted, however unforeseen circumstances may disrupt the shoot. This includes but is not limited to the weather, illness, and children or pets not settling. 

PS. I also do family lifestyle shoots :)

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