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  • Grace Williamson

Zombie Apocalypse - Shot Prep

The Zombie Uprising approaches!

This past week I have been preparing a shot list, and designing sketches on how I would like the shoot to look. Using my locations from the previous week, coupled with a lot of Googling of films and photos, I came up with various ideas. I can't draw particularly well but as rough sketches they work!

I have taken into account the lighting from my speedlights. I have 1 TTL flash and 3 manual ones to play with so there will be lots of different effects to play with. A great wedding photographer once told me: "The best kind of lighting is directional!" (Martin Cheung Photography). I'm not that great at planning lighting yet, so I'll have some practice on the side but it'll be a bit of trial and error!

In general I want the photos to be from an onlooker, who discovers the zombies in the graveyard then is chased up the stairs and to their car.

The next step is to prepare the models and actually take the photos!

Knowing my luck, everyone's schedules will have changed and this will get pushed back into November. It'll be a shame to miss Hallowe'en but still it'll be fun to do anyway.

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