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  • Grace Williamson

Wedding Theme Ideas

It's getting to the festive season, and it got me thinking about themed weddings!

Everyone has their own tastes and ideas - it's rare that two couples are EXACTLY the same.

So, I decided to make a short list of themes off the top of my head.

+ Classic wedding - white drapes, flowers, chandeliers, elegant decor

+ Rustic, barn/field wedding - lots of wooden decor, hay bales,

+ Vintage wedding - muted colours, lace, birdcages, grammaphones

+ Nautical wedding - seaside location, anchors, bright colours for tents, bouys,

+ Steampunk wedding - gears, cogs, glasses, Victorian outfits, lots of brass and metalwork,

+ Disney wedding - princess dresses, Beauty and the Beast cups, "dinglehoppers", glass slippers

+ Monochrome wedding - everything in black and white, contrasting table cloths and place settings, tiered cake

+ Harry Potter wedding - spellbook decorations, snitch cake toppers,

+ Colour pop wedding - colourful everything!

These are just a few - some are very specific like the Harry Potter and Disney ones, and others are more open. Of course, a bride and groom don't HAVE to have a theme!

I hope that gives you a few ideas for your own weddings :)

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