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  • Grace Williamson

Photographing Dogs & Cats

It's been a little slow at the moment, but I have a couple of friends due for newborns and a couple of weddings over the next few months.

In the meantime, I had a go at capturing my brother's dogs and one of my cats on camera!

My brother owns a black labrador and a weimaraner. The weimaraner is large enough to knock me over when she jumps up. Luckily, she knows not to. The labrador is a big soft girl too. She loves attention.

I found the most difficult part to be getting them to sit still. They are both trained, but when I pointed the camera at them they would just get up and have a sniff. I managed to get the lab to sit still for a couple of pictures, and the weimaraner played with a ball for a few minutes.

The labrador was hard to capture because of her dark fur, so getting the exposure right was difficult.

The weimaraner, bless her, is gorgeous in real life but not particularly photogenic, as seen in the below image

Luckily, I did end up with a nice one of her! And a nice - if slightly unbalanced - one of the lab

So onto my cat!

Her name is Zelda and she a a big fluffy poofball. My partner says she is fat. She is a lot bigger than our other cat Alleria, but Alleria is really dainty while Zelda is stocky.

Capturing Zelda was more difficult than the dogs because she is not trained at all. She kept jumping around, running everywhere, hiding... I managed to get her when she was looking at the net curtain. This gave a lot of backlighting.

Eventually, she tired herself out and curled up on a white blanket. She was much easier to photograph!

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