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  • Grace Williamson

Why I Love... Wedding Photography

What makes wedding photography so special to me? Surely it's just posh portraiture? Nope! It is so much more.

For starters, weddings are fun. Even as a photographer who isn't involved in the actual celebration, seeing everyone enjoying themselves gives me a buzz. I love being around happy people.

On a more more technical level, I can capture portraits, landscapes, architecture, and still life all in one day. It can be stressful to get the right settings on the camera, but again, I love it. I love the variety of the day, and producing images that the couple can keep and enjoy.

Then there is the plain old romance of the day. A couple announcing their love to the world. Looking longingly into each other's eyes as they say their vows. Walking down the aisle hand-in-hand. It's just a beautiful day.

Yet, even with all those reasons, even with the little spontaneous moments, I think what I like the most about wedding photography is that I get to capture all the hard work that the couple have spent months planning.

A guest would see a gorgeous dress, colour co-ordinated bridesmaids and flowers, a lovely venue, and great decorations. As a photographer who plans my shoots and understands the decisions, I see months of viewing colour schemes, anguish on finding THE dress, arguments and agreements on the setting and style. Every decision accumulates to that one perfect day. And as a photographer, I have the privilege of capturing every aspect of it.

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