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  • Grace Williamson

Baby Steals the Show!

I went to one of my close friend's hen do last weekend. Afternoon tea! As always, I took my camera and flash. For the most part, we were sitting down enjoying ourselves so I didn't take any photos. However, one of the women brought her little boy Lake with her. He loved being around us, laughing at all our jokes, really getting involved.

I thought to myself, "he is one happy chappy!" and I asked if I could take some photos of him.

He was very curious about the camera pointing at him! I used a flash bounced off the ceiling for a softer effect.

One thing I did notice was that through my viewfinder the photos looked fine, but on the screen, and on my laptop, they looked a touch underexposed. I brightened them a touch using Lightroom. Lesson learned!

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