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A Wedding Fit for a Disney Prince & Princess!

It has been a while since I last posted a blog! Two reasons: I'm terrible at blogging, and I have not had much work come through as I am still in the early stages. That's ok!

On Saturday 8th August, I had the honour of covering the lovely Louise and Adam's wedding day. This had been postponed from June due to our friend Covid, but it was a beautiful sunny day for it this month. They were married at Arnot Hill House, on Arnot Hill Park in Arnold, Nottinghamshire.

I couldn't cover the actual ceremony, and they were not allowed a reception, so we improvised!

Took a few formals of Adam and family while we waited for Louise to arrive. Being such a small group, it was difficult to take truly candid photos. I didn't want anyone to feel like I was in their face constantly!

When Louise arrived, I had Adam stand facing the building before turning to see his bride. I just HAD to get the first look shot!

The transport was classy!

The couple and their parents went in for the ceremony, while the rest of us milled about outside. Unfortunately, with the one-way system they were to come out at the back of the building - car park and bins! Ah well :) I used more black and white for these for a documentary style.

We did the family formal photos, and some with the three kiddiewinkles before it got too hot and boring for them

After that, it was just me and the happy couple! It did become more of a photoshoot than I normally do, but it was so much fun! These two are so chilled out and quirky - Adam had Space Invader cufflinks, and Louise's heels were Toy Story!

We all had a great time! Congratulations to you both!

On a professional note: I am so glad I took my TTL flash! With the harsh 4pm-5pm sunlight, a few times with it behind the subject I definitely needed it!

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