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  • Grace Williamson

Baby M Cake Smash!

This weekend I did my second ever cake smash for Baby M :)

As is my way, I went to the family's house where they had set up a background in the kitchen. I tweaked it a little, but it was pretty perfect.

As soon as Baby M was set down, however, she was not impressed. We had tears for a good half an hour! She was fine when she was picked up. I think she was just overwhelmed.

She settled into it after a while, and with a bit of music! She loves I Like the Way You Move, and Old Town Road.

Bless her, she really is a happy munchkin when she's not plonked in front of a stranger with a camera!

It was a great hour to spend with her and her family - and this is why I book hourly sessions! Some babies are straight in and done in 15 minutes, but others like Baby M need time to settle. And I've learnt that music is a good distraction, so I'll start suggesting it for future cake smashes!

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