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  • Grace Williamson

Portraits with Dillon

I recently signed up to a website called PurplePort, which is a place for photographers, models, hair stylists, make-up artists, and other creatives to connect and collaborate. I'm quite shy when it comes to advertising my services, so I just browse the TFP listings for now.

I contacted Dillon about his listing, and after a chat we agreed to meet up in Leicester yesterday.

He wore a 3 piece suit to help me out with groom photos! Very nice of him. I took photos of "preparation" as practise, to see what kind of shots looks good.

I took plenty of portraits too; not just groom-looking ones but more dramatic ones for his portfolio. I got my off camera flashes out to try out properly!

It was a really great day out :) I learned a few things:

1: Check my flash settings! All day I was shooting with red-eye reduction on, so the flash was not firing immediately as I expected. It's such a basic error. Lesson learned!

2: I still prefer natural light. I enjoy learning OCF, but I know I can make naturally lit photos look good - Dillon really liked the two above with the black and white wall behind him. It was an old building arched over the road, and by standing just under the arch he had the overcast light hitting him.

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