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  • Grace Williamson

Sparkler Fun!

It's Bonfire Weekend! No firework shows due to lockdown, and I don't agree with private fireworks because of the poor pets that suffer with fright. But I am OK with sparklers!

I took photos of the sparklers close up while they were stabbed in my flower bed. I love the detail and all the, well, sparkles!

I dragged my boyfriend out with me, and attempted some light trail ones:

I did the Love picture! :D

I got a few close ups of the sparklers while he held them - a bit dangerous but we were careful

And finally, I wanted to see if I could get his face lit up rather than him mainly being a blur, so I changed the settings for a faster shutter speed, and so higher ISO, and I got this which I am rather pleased with!

On one hand, I know the settings needed. For capturing motion, a lower SS (10 seconds for the Love image!), a low ISO, and a mid-range aperture. For the less motion blurred, a faster SS, higher ISO, and wider aperture. On the other hand, while these came out pretty well, it took me a fair bit of trial and error, and I can't imagine offering a sparkler shoot on a wedding day! If it was a sparkler send-off, so lots of light, I think I could manage but I would not want to say definitely yes!

It's good fun trying out new little projects :) I need to think of something for next weekend!

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