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  • Grace Williamson

Still Life Chess

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

OK, I did two projects this weekend, since the photoelasticity one yesterday was short. I got my old chess set out for a go at still life.

The first image I wanted to do was a battle-film-style shot - imagine the Avengers lined up either side ready to fight. I arranged the pieces diagonally to get them in. My cat decided to come join in too!

The clouded glass was easier and more fun to photograph than the clear glass ones so I mainly focused on them

I went for a moody lighting, with close ups of the pieces. These came out more like I had envisioned.

Finally, I took two Knights for a head-to-head shoot. I picked the Knights simply because they have a face area!

It was nice to have an idea in my head, and see it visualised using my own skills :)

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