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  • Grace Williamson

Sunny June Wedding!

I had the joy of covering the wedding of one of my best friends on Friday 4th June :)

Vicky has been my friend for half my life and Luke is a lovely bloke, and it was such fun seeing them tie the knot.

The morning was very chilled out; the bridesmaids sorted themselves out, Vicky was relaxed, the family were happy. We ran a little late, but that's a given!

The ceremony was in the little church in South Wingfield. It was my first church wedding so I was a little nervous as to not disturb the formal ceremony. It was all good.

The reception was at the social club up the road. The room inside was simple but very pretty! It was rather odd to be inside with speeches and food and cake, then going back outside to bright sunlight. I felt like it should have been dark!

People chilled inside and out, and enjoyed the sunshine.

Oh, and I got sunset photos!

There's not much more to say - I loved shooting the wedding!. I love my job :D

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