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Triptych and Polyptych Project!

So I've decided with lockdown 2.0 in full swing that I will give some photography projects a go! This first week I decided to make some triptyches and polyptyches. Being housebound, I could only use things inside that I have.

I came up with some ideas: Kitchen items, art supplies, books, my camera, clothes in my bedroom... I didn't do all my ideas I wrote down, but I did do 7! The first four below, I don't like. The last three, I think came out rather well :)

First, the kitchen:

I am really pleased with the hanging items photos, and the tea and sugar one was similar so went well together. The clean dishes, I don't know, I don't like as much. That was the best one I got out of the 30 I took, but I don't think it works with the other two photos.

Then, books:

I had just got the Twilight Princess manga so I used them. Again, nothing WRONG with them, but I don't like it.

Next, clothes:

I thought the hanging shoes, wardrobe coat hangers, and folded drawers were good together. However, I thing the colours are too varied to make it work well.

Then, games console controllers:

I'm a big Nintendo fan so I wanted the different generations of controllers. These are boring. The photo is just boring.

So onto the ones I am pleased with!

The art supplies:

I think this works because it is a plain background, and the colours are recurring. (YES I KNOW THE BLACK THREAD ISN'T BLACK). It came out as a good modern-looking piece.

Now, this next one is really random. I took photos of things in the bathroom:

I didn't think this would come out as well as it did! I went close up on the loo flusher, the shower head, and a tap nozzle. With everything in the bathroom being white and silver, they came out high-key-looking, and by only having part of each in the frame, it's a little abstract. I also turned it black and white, as the shower nozzle nubbin things are green. While I may not want this on my wall since it's, you know, bathroom things, this is the kind of thing I wanted to achieve with this project.

Finally, my favourite! This one is 5 images rather than 3. My camera:

Like the bathroom ones but opposite, this one is mainly dark colours and black, and I turned it to black and white so the red didn't detract from the feel. This came out very low-key looking, and I am very pleased with it. This was also the last one I did, so I had a feel for what would work and what wouldn't.

I'm glad I did this project! I might do something with sparklers next weekend if the weather is OK.

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