• Grace Williamson

Why I Love... Cosplayers

Cosplayers are amazing. Just amazing.

I love going to conventions and seeing all the outfits people are wearing, from simple themed dresses to full-blown Transformers costumes.

Some people see cosplaying as weird, or stupid. I think it's brilliant! Why not dress up as a character you love? It shows your passion for the subject, and your fun side.

So what do I love about cosplayers? For a start, I love how "into it" they get. I can ask for a photograph of them, and they pose in character, and are willing to have me take a few to get the best shot. There's no awkwardness in it.

I also love how proud they are of their costumes. Some people buy simple bits for them - my first cosplay was Link, and I wore a green skater dress with a belt, and bought a hat, wig, and shield rucksack - and some people buy full costumes. And some make full costumes. My friend Beth in the Netherlands made a perfect Lulu from Final Fantasy X outfit! It is truly amazing to see the dedication and effort put into it.

Finally, I love how cosplayers (generally) are so non-judgmental. It doesn't matter how you got or made your costume, whether your body type is "right" for it, or even if you are male, female, both, neither, a lizard... All that matters to them is that you are showing your passion.

If you ever get chance to go to a convention, I highly recommend it!

And just for fun, here's a couple of me cosplaying as Yuna and Ariel :)

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