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Why I Love... Posed Moments

Last month I wrote about why I love candid moments. I also love posed moments! They're such a different style and need different skills to manage. I'm lucky to have a few friends that are happy to get in front of the camera for me while we have a mess around :)

So what is good about posing?

Opportunity to get creative

With candid moments, the photographer has to capture events as they happen. But with posed moments, they have more leeway to get creative. Think of those beautiful bride-and-groom-in-front-of-a-sunset kind of images that wedding photographers create. They aren't spontaneous! Yes, the best photographers know the settings, and can blast them off quickly, but the couple have to stand there and pose. I got my friends to do a zombie shoot for me (image above - excuse the bad Photoshopping!) which was great fun!


To me, it's the candid moments that get the most "awwww" reactions, but it's the posed moments that get the prints. Whether studio, location, or wedding, the photos of people with their families and friends are the ones that are most framed. The image I took of a bride and groom in a campervan ended up on a canvas on their wall.


With posed moments, the photographer and subjects can control the moment. The photographer can arrange the lighting, the camera settings, the poses, the timing, while the subjects can have their own imput, and set their facial expressions, and wear the clothes they choose. (I get that candid moments, they choose their clothes but you get my point.)

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