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  • Grace Williamson

Don't Forget Your Charger!

Ever gone shopping and forgotten your wallet? Or been to a meeting and forgot your pen? A photographer's equipment is their life, and one of the worst things they can do when out shooting is forget to take certain lenses, filters, a battery! Which got me thinking about making a checklist for photographers for the big day, and I have decided to share it with you all :)

A lot of these will seem very obvious, but it's amazing what might slip your mind! (I once went to a local gig with my friends, only to realise I left my battery on charge)


My current standard kit


+ Camera

+ Spare/Extra Camera

+ Spare batteries - charged

+ Lenses - make sure you have all the ones you need!

+ Filters - ND & Polarising are handy

+ Speedlight & tripod

+ Decent camera bag

+ Any lanyards/belts/hangers to carry your equipments (Jessops have a great belt attachment thing)

+ Spare SD cards - formatted

+ Microfibre cloth to wipe lenses

+ Itinerary of the day

+ Shot List

+ Directions to ceremony and to reception (SatNav)


That's everything that immediately comes to mind!

Let me know in the comments if you think of anything that I can add :)

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