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Inspiration & Aspirations

It's my birthday tomorrow, and at this time of year I like to think of everything I have accomplished and everything I hope to achieve in the future.

So far, I have taken steps towards my main goal of becoming a fully fledged wedding photographer. I have updated my website, started this blog, booked one wedding for next year, and taken time to improve my techniques. Also this year I have begun a healthier lifestyle to slim down (granted, I also put on most of the weight this year!) and have bought my first house. So far, so good!

This year, I'm looking at inspiration for my photography. As a budding wedding photographer I have not yet established my own style and one of my favourite things to do is look at other photographers' styles.

There is a photographer in Philadelphia who goes by Alleback Photography and he is known as the Tattooed Bride Photographer. He does all sorts of alternative, LGBT, quirky weddings that are truly amazing. It's great to see someone who steps away from completely traditional wedding photography.

A bit closer to home, there is a photographer named Yvonne of Yvonne Lishman Photography who does alternate, quirky weddings too. I'm talking big laughs, silly faces, including dogs... She comes across as such a relaxed, friendly photographer. I can tell because the brides and grooms in her photos all seem relaxed and friendly! One day I hope to be able to take photographs like her.

And finally, there is a Manchester photographer called Cassandra Lane Photography. Her photographs are not quite as quirky as the other two, but they are still not as traditional and "boring" (if wedding photography can ever be called that!) as standard photographs. Hers are photos I look at and think: I could do that. She is inspiration of a starting point for myself.

Please click the links and check out their websites :)

So my aspirations for the next year:

+ Shoot my first wedding! (I have one booked so that's all good)

+ Improve my off camera flash skills using a tripod and wireless triggers

+ Discover and perfect my own personal style

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