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  • Grace Williamson

When Is The Best Time To Book Your Wedding Photographer?

So you're engaged! Congratulations!

Now the fun of planning the wedding happens. The dresses, the colour scheme, the food, the venue, the DJ, choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen... It's all a bit scary, right?

Now, choosing your wedding photographer is a task that is best done early. Many photographers are booked up for at least a year, so you have you get in early!

So when should you book your photographer?

The best time would be after you've confirmed your venue. Once you know where you are getting married, then you can browse different website for a style that matches. If you're having a rustic wedding you might want to choose a photographer that has done lots of outdoor weddings, or if you are having a traditional, formal church wedding then a formal photographer might be ideal.

While it is important to get in early, don't just choose the first person you find. You need to feel comfortable enough with them to be able to pose naturally, as well as liking their style.

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