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Autumnal Shoot with Allison

Last Sunday, I went to Wolverhampton to meet with Allison (Alison? Apologies, not sure of her spelling!) for an autumnal shoot. We got lucky in that the weather was decent and the leaves were still bright.

We started by a little museum and cafe where there was this gorgeous red-leaved tree. (A gingko or a maple I think. My botany isn't great.) Allison wore a lovely black gothic looking dress, and with her black hair and heels she really contrasted with the leaves.

I used some OCF to brighten her skin a little, just to make her pop!

It was rather amusing; a kind gentleman named Jon was passing, and he's part of the local camera club. He had a chat about my camera and flash, and offered to help hold the flash tripod for different angles. I was OK with it (all the help I can get!) and Allison was fine so he spent the afternoon with us.

We moved to the park where there was a yellow tree with low branches, and lots of leaves on the floor. Allison knew exactly how she wanted to pose, which helped me as I could focus on my settings.

One of Allison's friends joined us too, and he took a behind-the-scenes photo of me:

It's like I'm a real photographer! Hahahaha

We started losing the light, so we said goodbye to Jon and we went to a steel railway bridge over a river (no longer a railway). I used my OCF in a more obvious way to light this set, for more dramatic lighting.

I had a great day out, and it's really helping with my confidence. I feel know what I'm doing more, and can use OCF as a filler more easily.

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