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  • Grace Williamson

First Cake Smash!

Today I shot my first cake smash with a 1 year old boy named Archer. He was a very relaxed baby.

I did this shoot at their house, in their kitchen. The light was a bit bright through the windows so we shut the blinds, then used the spotlight lights they have to point at the set up.

The set up was simple - there was a white wall between two doors where they set up a banner, put a soft blanket down on the floor, and added a few props.

Simple works best!

Once we got the cake in front of Archer, we thought he'd be straight into it. And so he was! ... Kind of...

Turns out, Archer is a very clean baby who doesn't like to be messy! He picked at the cake very neatly, and took little bites.

His mother and aunt tried encouraging him by breaking the cake up, and putting some icing on him, but he wasn't fussed about it.

Some babies are messy, some aren't. For a cake smash mess is best, but I bet his mother is glad for how clean he likes to be!

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