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Catering Ideas for your Wedding

I have heard that there are two things most people remember about a wedding: the music, and the food. I don't think this is true. I remember the dress, the atmosphere, the smiles... But food is an important part of a wedding, as a hungry guest is a grumpy guest!

What kind of catering you choose for your day is still a personal thing. It reflects your styles, your attitudes, and your personalities.

So here's a few ideas for what you could choose!


Sit-Down Three Course Meal

Possibly the most formal option, a sit-down meal is a good idea if you like structure, set times, and knowing what you will eat. These will begin at a certain time so you can plan around it, and before or after you can give any speeches. A downside is that it is less casual, and does not help towards mingling, but it is a more traditional option.


Sharing Platters

An unusual twist on the sit-down meal, a sharing platter meal gets your guests talking to each other. They would still have a set place to sit, and a set time, but with 3-4 dishes on each table your guests would serve themselves what they like. It would work with burritos, fajitas, paella, or even meat and vegetables!


Afternoon Tea

A classy, vintage feel of a meal; afternoon tea brings back thoughts of bygone eras. This is a good option for a less extravagant but still a little formal meal. Sandwiches, scones, and cakes are more affordable than some option, and there is a possibility of do-it-yourself to save more money! (And by DIY, I mean get your family and friends to help). This makes for a lovely display too.


Buffets and Food Bars

Buffets are much more casual that a sit-down meal option. While you may have a time that it opens, your guests can graze around as they wish, and mingle together. Food bars are displays of food - could be sweets, doughnuts, tapas, nibbly food like cheese - that might be scattered around the room for people to grab as the pass.


BBQs and Wood Fired Pizza

I must say, to me nothing beats a fresh barbecue! This option would work well at an outdoor wedding. Both bbqs and wood fired pizza have the spectacle of watching the food be cooked fresh, and smelling it, and is a great relaxed atmosphere. It can also be more affordable as they offer a mix of foods and toppings.


Brunch for Lunch

An unusual option, and one I rather like the sound of, brunch for lunch! This could be a sit down meal or a buffet, but having sausages, bacon, hash browns, omelettes, tomatoes, orange juice, coffee, and fruit for your meal is both filling and tasty! This option may be a bit heavy for some people.


So there's a few ideas for you to think about :) no matter what you decide, all that matters is that you are happy with it!

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