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My Easter Break

I had the week after Easter Sunday booked off work. I was planning on doing up my garden, but my mother very kindly rallied the troops and got it ready for me the week before.

Instead, I painted my fence, enjoyed the sunshine, and had a trip to both Foremark Reservoir and Haddon Hall.

My cat Alleria out in the sun :)

Foremark Reservoir is south of Derby, near Ticknell. To get there, I went over an old causeway which was so pretty. My friends and I had a picnic, and played a bit of mini cricket, skimmed stones on the beach, and generally just enjoyed the beautiful warm afternoon. It's so nice to be out doing things in an evening - we were there until about 7pm.

Of course, while we were there I took a few snaps of everyone :) I also had a go at getting a starburst effect from the sun. I've never tried it before, so I'm rather pleased with how they came out!

Haddon Hall is a stately home near Bakewell in the Peak District. Now, I love castles and old homes, but I'm not fussed about the history of them. I just like looking at the architecture, and it always amazes me to imagine how they were built, and how people lived.

There was a step in the kitchen that was worn down almost all the way.

Can you imagine how many times this was stepped on to get to this state? Amazing

I took a few photos of the lovely flowers, and a bench, and the gardeners.

And of the signage!

All in all, it was great to be out and about with my camera again, on such a nice day.

After that day, the rest of the week was wet and cold, so I timed it rather nicely!

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