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My Favourite Flowers for Bouquets

The bouquet is an iconic part of a wedding. As with everything else, it shows the personality and style of the bride and groom. (Mainly the bride!)

I really like seeing the different flowers that people choose, and it got me thinking about my favourites and what I might choose!

(Please note, all these images are just from Google :P)

Forget-Me-Not Bouquet

My all-time favourite flowers are forget-me-nots.

A lot of people see forget-me-nots as weeds, but whenever I see them they make me smile. However, I did some research and they are not that great as a bouquet as they are hard to commercially grow and do not last long once cut. A fabric, clay, or paper version would work better than fresh ones.

Anemone Bouquet

Anemone flowers are very bright and colourful with a distinctive dark centre. The different colours make them a versatile choice, and they are large and eye-catching. I think they're really pretty, and pop with colour

Sweet Pea Bouquet

Sweet peas are an elegant choice for a bouquet. They come in quite a few colours, and they are fairly pale rather than bright. These look to me a classy option.

Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangeas are great flowers for bouquets. They are colourful, and look like big pom-pom balls so you would only need about three balls of them for a full bouquet. I think they manage to be both quirky and traditional at the same time.

Lavender Bouquet

A bit less conventional, lavender makes a statement bouquet. They smell gorgeous, and the bright colour is very eye-catching.

Peony Bouquet

A little more traditional, peonies are a classic choice for a bouquet. They look a little like roses, and their pink tones make for a romantic bouquet. These are probably the most traditional option of my favourites.

So those are my favourite ideas. I hope it gives you something to ponder, and helps choosing your flowers fun!

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