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Timing Your Wedding Day

Schedules are fun. Sticking to a time frame feels productive. Knowing you have time for everything makes the day run much smoother, and saves you a lot of stress!

On bride had this on her wall on her wedding day, to remind her, her maids, and her hairdresser to keep to the times. They were a bit late starting, but overall they kept on time and it went really smoothly.

Of course as the bride and groom you need to have a schedule for the day, but it also helps your photographer, your caterer, and your DJ/band so they know what to do and when.

It may sound stressful to have to keep everything on track, but most full day weddings are about 12 hours so there is in fact plenty of time for everything! Trust me: make a timeline and you will thank yourself on the day!

Split the day into three main section: Preparation, Ceremony, Reception



Depending on you as a person, could be around 3-4 hours to get everyone's hair, makeup, and suits on. If each bridesmaid does their own hair and makeup, it could be a lot quicker, but that's pretty rare.

This time can also include some portraits with family members before the ceremony, and any gift-giving.

You know what time you have to be at the ceremony, and how long it takes to get there, so you can plan your preparation with a set deadline.



This time could include your arrival, the actual ceremony, the confetti throwing, the bouquet throw, the general congratulations. You may want to throw the bouquet at your reception instead. You could also count the formal group portraits in this time. A lot of couples get the formals out of the way at this point so the guests can go on to relax and the reception. Finally, your personal couples portraits could be included in this category.

If you have a sit-down meal that starts at a certain time, then again you have a set deadline so you can plan around it. If you have a buffet or BBQ or similar, odds are you will still have announced an opening time for it but it may be a little more flexible. You may even let your guests tuck into a buffet while you're having your portraits done.



Your reception might be at the same place as your ceremony, in which case yay, no traveling! However, if you have to get somewhere else you need to factor this time in. Depending on your preference, you might have your formal photos done at the reception before the festivities kick off. Once all the food and speeches are out the way, then you know you're done and you can just relax!

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