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  • Grace Williamson

Wedding Cake Ideas

The cake can often be seen as the centerpiece of a wedding. It's the glorious edible representation of the bride and groom, and the atmosphere and the whole day, all in one place.

With that in mind, what kind of cake is best for you? Well, it depends on you!

Would you prefer a tiered cake, or just a single layer one? A tiered one would cost more, but would feed more. A single layered cake might be best for the smaller, intimate weddings.

A lot of people choose to have a traditional, plain white cake, sometimes with their theme colour as decoration. White is a standard, but adding colour would make it more memorable to me. Or, have the whole icing be brightly coloured! It would definitely stand out on the day if you have a more relaxed, quirky kind of day.

Similarly, having embellishments - flowers, butter-flowers, drips, ribbons - would add some pizzazz to an otherwise quite plain cake. These little decorations would take longer to add, and so might push the budget up a bit.

There's a rustic style of cake that simply has no icing over the top, so the guests can see the actual layers of cake. This naked style might suit someone who is no fuss, no frills, but might be a bit too out there for a more traditional wedding.

In this modern day, you don't just have to have a cake any more! To put a different twist on the traditional cake, how about any of these?

- Cupcake-cake display - or cookies, profiterols, mini sandwich cakes, even doughnuts! Your guests can grab them as they like, rather than waiting for the cake to be cut and dished out.

- Add truffles, macaroons etc to a normal cake for decoration. This could be a fun way to liven up a cake. Imagine a pure chocolate cake with Malteasers or Ferraro Rochers all over? Yum!

- Cheese cake - as in literal cheese! Maybe you're more of a savoury person? Have the wheels of cheeses stacked into tiers to give the impression of a cake.

- Fruit Pie Tiered Cake. This is definitely different! Imagine having a cake tier holder thing, with large blueberry pie, an apple pie, a cherry pie, and a lemon meringue pie on top!

Brownie stacks, or cookie towers, or cake balls. Or any other kind of nibbly snacks you fancy! Even jellies! Frankly, anything can become your "cake" if it's what you want :) and to me, the more memorable ones are the less traditional ones.

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