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Zombie Apocalypse - Braaaaaainstorming

It's happened! It's finally happened! THE ZOMBIES HAVE RISEN!

... Well, not really. But wouldn't it be interesting if it did happen? Not for me - I'd die straight away.

Since it's getting nearer to Hallowe'en I started thinking about spooky photoshoots, and had the idea to stage a zombie uprising!

So to begin with I need to split my idea up into manageable chunks:

- Brainstorming ideas

- Shot preparation

- Execution

- Post production edits


To create a Zombie Apocalypse I need the following:



Shot Ideas

Models - my friends are up for it! I have 4 that will definitely Zombie up, a couple of maybes, and one definite "no!". Four zombies isn't really a full apocalypse, but it's a start! I can stage it either that it's only just begun, or there are so few people left that the zombies are really spread out.

Location - I have been thinking of the types of places that would work. My usual go-to location is Shipley Country Park with fields, wooded area, and lake (pond). That would work, especially in the woods, but I'm thinking something a bit more sinister and 'real'. I have Googled abandoned places around Nottingham and come up with three areas.

One is Mapperley Railway Tunnel. This is an old abandoned tunnel that is muddy and derelict, and would be great! It is dark and creepy and underground which would add fear factor (my models may be scared!). Unfortunately it is on private property, and when I went to scout it out I couldn't get there.

The second is another tunnel, in the city centre. It's a hidden gem of a place. The actual tunnel isn't very big, but there's a nice set of stone stairs leading down to it, and an iron gate at the top. I think those two would make a great setting.

The other is St Mary's Church in Colston Bassett. This is a ruined church and a still-in-use graveyard. I think this would be a great place for the beginning shots. It would be where the zombies rise and begin their takeover. It's all grassy so no dirt shots, but there are beautiful old cross tombstones which I can work with.

Shot Ideas - So I have people, and I have places. Now I just need ideas. After visiting both Nottingham Tunnel and Colston Bassett Church, I can begin to visualise where and how I want my zombies to be and pose etc. That will be a job for the coming week! I will create sketches of poses and lighting ideas.

Stage one, complete!

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