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  • Grace Williamson

Why I Love... Candid Moments

Ah candid moments... Those moments that happen constantly. Those moments where people are just being themselves. As soon as they realise a camera is pointing at them, they pose, or change what they are doing. That's why I love candid.

I love having people caught off guard. They don't expect a camera to be aimed at them, so they show true emotion, whether happy or sad, excited or bored.

Groom and Best Man chatting before the ceremony

I love seeing people just getting on with what they are doing without worrying about their photo.

A cosplayer waiting for his friends

Candid photography is ideal for reportage style wedding photography. It's the style I'm moving more towards, as I think having authentic emotion is important for wedding albums

A bridesmaid with her mouth full. This is one of my best friends :)

Selfie time! This is an old photo from my first wedding (I like to think I've improved since then!)

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