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  • Grace Williamson

Why I Love... Studio Lighting

My last Why I Love was all natural lighting. I'm going the other way this time, and noting the benefits of studio lighting!

Studio lighting to me is purely artificial. You can picture it: a backdrop with lights up front, to the sides, and maybe even a bit behind and above. One great thing about these sort of setups is that they are 100% controlled by the photographer. Once the settings are dialled in, they stay consistent throughout the shoot so the photographer does not need to change their camera settings. In some ways, this makes it easier to work with than natural light.

I also love how many different adaptors their are for studio strobes. Soft boxes diffuse light to make it less harsh, snoots create a focused light beam like a spotlight to isolate a subject, and beauty dishes reflect light and illuminates the subject, emphasising all angles. There are even gels that can attach to strobes to alter the colour of the lights.

Finally, a good benefit of studio lighting is that it is not weather dependent! It doesn't matter how wet or cold it is outside because you have everything you inside!

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